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100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all lesson packages if the content does not meet your needs or expectations.

Instructions for purchasing lessons:

Click on the PayPal link below the lesson package that you're interested in and you will be redirected to a PayPal product page. Here, enter the quantity of lessons that you want and pay with your preferred option. You can expect a confirmation email directly from me within 24 hours. If this is not received, you can contact me via the "Contact" link above or by direct email by clicking here.

View the options below to choose which one best suits your learning style:

Personalized Drum Lesson - 15 minute video


Private contact will be set up with Morgan to discuss topics of interest for lessons. Whether it's the first time you're picking up the sticks or if you're an experienced drummer looking to gain some new insight, this personalized 15 minute video is sure to be tailored to your needs and designed to help you to tackle new concepts. This is an excellent choice for independent learners.

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Complete Drumming Package - 1 Video Lesson, Skype Call, Feedback, E-mail Contact ($5 OFF)


This deal includes 1 video lesson of 20 minutes of a topic requested by the student, followed one week later by a Skype call directly with Morgan in which the student demonstrates what they learned and Morgan gives personalized feedback for improvement. There is also unlimited e-mail contact with Morgan guaranteed to be answered within 24 hours during the week in which the student has to practice.

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Complete Drumming Package - Monthly ($20 off for a limited time!)


This is the most comprehensive plan offered by Morgan. It is recommended for drummers of all skill level and interest. This monthly plan includes 4 sessions, and each session includes a 20 minute instructional video on the topic of choice of the student, followed up one week later with a Skype call of 10 minutes for the student to demonstrate what they learned and for Morgan to give personalized feedback for improvement. Unlimited email contact (with a guaranteed response time of 24 hours) is included for this entire month for Morgan to answer any questions that the student may have.

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